Ultro finance and our clients have the same goal in every financing transaction: To get it funded smoothly, quickly and with as little angst as possible.

Anything that holds up the deal is a source of frustration for everyone. And the absence of proper insurance is often at the top of the frustration list. Ultro Finance offer high-quality insurance solutions during the financing transaction.
We offer insurance solutions that are:

Simple and Easy
We know you just want to take possession of your equipment and get on with business. Let us take care of your insurance necessities.

Is fair and competitive
We offer competitively priced insurance that actually generates value to your business.

We provide support
We offer a total insurance experience, not just the transaction. Just as you would call Ultro finance in relation to your finance and let us take care of it, also do the same with insurance.

Provides financial Strength
We offer insurance through companies that have a track record specialising in leased equipment. This ensures that the coverage lives up to youre xpectations.

Is future proof
We ensure insurance providers don’t just work for today, but have the technological DNA to keep up with the rest of your processes as they evolve.
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